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  1. Automotive Repairs
    Do you know how much it would be to get the sill of a car repaired that has been scraped and dented on a bollard
  2. Automotive Repairs
    I'm in the process of replacing the front break pads and rotors for my 2013 Honda Civic LXE myself for the first time. Easy enough of a process, but after taking a closer look at the rotors, they don't seem to be worn down at all. Just some rust build up. I don't feel any grooves on the surface...
  3. General DIY Discussions
    Hello, I plan to pick up a obd2 scanner and I have a 2016 Dodge Caravan and 2007 edge My friend recommend Ediag YA101 Seems many brand like Bluetooth,Ancel,Launch,Autel on amazon. Share your experience if you used one of it. Thank you!
  4. Automotive Repairs
    Excessive lumbar support seems to be a common problem with modern vehicles, including my fairly new Nissan Frontier. I've been making do with a wedge-shaped seat cushion as a temporary solution, but it's time to move past temporary. I've attached a photo of the back springs. Is there an...
  5. Automotive Repairs
    Got a 2008 Ford Fiesta. I last used it a month ago (as I am on holiday and use the wife's car) I went to start it today but it wouldn't! There is petrol in the engine, but to my horror there is minimum oil in the car! There was def oil in the car a month ago... if it makes a difference, I am...
  6. Automotive Repairs
    Bought a 1996 Mitsubishi 3000gt SL, starts up good but has a problem i noticed already. Id like to address these before i get it inspected. PROBLEMS 1.)Idling problem, turn car on and its fine for 5 minutes or so, then starts to jump from low to high idle. 700RPM-1400RPM and does not stop till...
  7. Flooring
    My father wants laminate flooring in our living room. Our living room measures at about 268 sq ft. There is a showroom that is having a sale until tomorrow for good laminate so we want to purchase but its kind of far. Can we bring the laminate back home in our car (honda civic) in one trip or...
  8. Painting
    How can I paint the laminate on this desk that I have made of cheap press wood Don't really want to buy a whole new desk, but a nice brighter color just so it will go with the room I was told by a neighbor that spray paint does not stick to the laminate Thanks ~Alfa...
1-8 of 9 Results