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car decking

  1. Car decking subfloor as flooring?

    Hi we recently moved into a house that has horrible carpet. I can see when I look in the water tank closet that the subfloor is car decking, flushed side up. Over top is a layer of particle board and then pad and carpet. Could I rip out the carpet and pull up the particle board and use the car...
  2. Floor Flex with Car Deck / Post & Beam Construction

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    I am hoping to replace a linoleum floor with a tile one. However, our cabin has POST & BEAM construction with 2" x 6" TONGUE & GROOVE subfloor spanning the beams and I am wondering if we may have too much flex in the floor for tile. The floor SEEMS very solid, but the 2" x 6" tongue & groove...