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  1. Pest Control
    Around my (currently unused) fireplace, I keep getting these small black bugs scattered on the tiling in front of it. They all seem to be dead, I’ve only seen one that’s alive so far. I vacuum them up but they reappear in very large quantities quite quickly. They’re very small and I can’t...
  2. Pest Control
    They are very small, easily sucked up in a vacuum and on the baseboard. Nothing would suggest its falling from somewhere else.
  3. Pest Control
    I'm on a friend's couch, and I found this in my jeans, now I fear I have unknowingly gave them parasites. Looks like a flea, to me, but my greatest fear is that I'll have to deal with bed bugs. Haste required. Please identify this bug, and if possible, advise me on how to rectify the problem, as...
1-3 of 3 Results