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  1. HELP - Bubbles

    Drywall & Plaster
    Does anyone have a quick fix on how to remove some small water bubbles behind my painted drywall wall? Without scraping or repainting?
  2. air in water really frustrating please help

    Hi guys I bought a foreclosure here in forest va. The pipes were winterized. On turning on the pumps and letting water into the house... everything seemed fine. But since mo've in I have been experiencing air in the water lines. Every morning I wake up and there is air in the lines. Air seems...
  3. Bubbles in Paint appearing on Ceiling - Help!

    Hello all! I am redoing a bedroom and am having trouble with the ceiling. The ceiling used to have the popcorn textured stuff, but I scraped it off. Beneath the textured surface was the drywall paper, and it looked just fine. Nice and smooth. I proceeded to screw to the drywall to the ceiling...
  4. Second topcoat blisters over clean skim coat

    Hi all, I am having a rather irritating problem with paint blistering/bubbling over skim coat. Here's the situation: I recently moved in to a fairly old condo that has a mixture of drywall and concrete walls. All have been painted with several layers of what looks to be semi-gloss oil-based...
  5. Bubbles after a rain on new driveway

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hi there. I just got a topcoat of asphalt on my old driveway. I was told that after a day I could drive on it, but after 3 days, got wicked scuff marks when turning around. I read some other posts about this. I decided to give the driveway a couple of extra days in the rain to harden. I'm in New...
  6. Crinkles on full wall drywall seams. Big issue?

    Drywall & Plaster
    We're in escrow on a home built in 1977. The home is in good condition overall. On wall #1 in the living room there are wrinkles in the drywall seam between the ceiling and wall along the full length of the wall. There are similar crinkles along the full length of the drywall seam between...
  7. bubbles in new drywall mud

    Drywall & Plaster
    Hi, I am trying to make some walls perfectly smooth in preparation for new primer and more wallpaper and faux paint. I stripped off wallpaper from a bathroom wall, scrubbed off wallpaper paste, used PASO chemical deglosser, then lightly sandpapered. Then I applied ProForm all purpose joint...
  8. Large air bubbles in basement toilet

    Hi, If I run the clothes washer (in the basement) and run water in the bathtub (in the basement) at the same time, I get large air bubbles coming up from my toilet. I also have an issue with water entering my basement on the floor of the exterior wall of my 50 year old, newly renovated home...
  9. Bubbling Plaster?

    Howdy: I had some damaged plaster (over cement) along one wall at baseboard level, several smallish spots. Prepping to paint, I scraped the areas, did a rough sand, then plaster over the areas. Day two, the plaster dried and I sanded ready for another coat. Day three: some of the plastered...