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  1. Dishwasher Help

    General DIY Discussions
    Our dishwasher was filling up and while cleaning the filters, my partner took out the Wash-Cycle Pump Protector and cannot get it back on. After looking at the instructions, in bold letters it says do not remove. Does this mean it is broken beyond repair?
  2. Malfunctioning dimmer?

    I'm trying to identify the exact type and function of the switch shown in the attached photo. It is intended to control a set of three outdoor flood lights but it does not appear to be working fully. It is at least 20 years old and may be as old as 26 years. The control at the bottom is a three...
  3. Mixet shower valve replacement

    I'm working on a Mixet shower valved replacement, and not sure what my next step is. I have a replacement, and am taking out the current one, but not sure I got the whole thing out. Attached are two photos - one with the removed cartridge and the new one next to it. The stop stem on the removed...
  4. 2 zone AC very loud

    hello this summer we had the pleasure of having our AC Unit break. so we had to get a new one. as i was doing research i found out that we can zone the AC in to 2 zones. Zone 1 - master bedroom, guest room Zone 2 - kid room 1, kid room 2 the only problem is that when all the zones are on you...
  5. Kitchen Faucet input tube broken!!

    I got a bit of a problem... Do you know those copper tubes that stick out of the bottom of the faucet and at the end there is a thread that you connect your flexible tube to? Well one of them in our faucet has broken when I screwed the tube back on! I think it was creased by being bent...
  6. Bent Garage Door - Manual Override Stuck

    Windows and Doors
    Hello all, today I was informed our garage door is busted. Upon inspection, it looks like someone tried to open it with the opener on the wall while the door itself was locked-- the top panel is bent inwards in the middle. I don't know much about garage doors, but it almost looks like if the...
  7. Craftsman garage door opener repair: Part II

    Well, after posting my questions and getting the fix from this forum several months back, my garage door has had another.....setback. This time, it looks like the sprocket (on the top of the opener unit) that turns the chain that pulls the door up - has broken off of the unit. It looks like...
  8. Craftsman garage door opener repair (broken trolley?)

    Hi All, I have a Craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener which recently had a part break on me. The model # on the unit is 139.18060, which I can't seem to locate on searspartsdirect website, strangely enough. Lots of other garage door openers starting with 189, but not my exact model #. I THINK...
  9. Moen Cartridge back piece of housing broke. Help Please!

    I removed the cartridge from my bathtub but when I tried to insert the new one it did not fit. When I removed the original cartridge I did not notice a small white plastic piece of the back housing had broken off and gotten lodge all the way in the back. Any ideas on how to remove it? I've been...
  10. Kamakazi lamp causes upset anf frustration

    One of my desk lamps took a dive off of a set of shelves in to a pile of dirty laundry today. When it landed, the light went out. Upon further inspection, i discovered that the light bulb wasnt broken, and that the two plastic pieces of the socket that were supposed to be screwed together were...
  11. Gutter de-icing cable not working

    Okay, this is a long post so I'll just ask my 2 questions first and then go into detail. 1. If my eavestrough deicing cable is looped around the main electric service conduit on the roof of my house, is it unsafe to remove it (it's broken). 2. Is it possible to fix a deicing cable - say...
  12. Kinco Window - How to fix a window that doesn't stay up!

    Windows and Doors
    Basically, the plastic piece(hinge) that holds the window up is broken and neither Home Depot or Lowe's were able to provide any tips on how to fix it. The pics shows the plastic pieces that were broken on the left corner and the right corner and also a pic of what it would look like if it...
  13. Extracting a broken sprinkler riser?

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I picked up a extractor tool to get the broken riser out of the pipe but all it is doing is scraping out the riser rather than sticking into the riser and grabbing it. Any suggestions on how to get the broken riser out? Thanks, SCS
  14. Broken toilet flange *pics inside* Please Help

    Long time reader, first time posting... We were replacing the toilet in our hall bathroom and the darn toilet flange broke. I've included a few pictures of the situation. That's a rag stuffed in the pipe on account of the lady of the house being worried about "the sewer gas". I'm praying that...
  15. granite hearth cracked twice

    Hi--we have a big problem and don't know what to do. Our granite hearth cracked after our first fire, we had it replaced and it cracked again. It's a 1 and 1/4" slab of honed black absolute granite, placed on top of our wood floor. Our fireplace is normal-sized and we burn average pieces of...
  16. Bryant Model 340MAV048100 Series D Not working

    OK, I woke up this morning after our first REALLY cold night, and no heat. I turned the heater off and on, it sounded like it was trying to start, but no dice. The fan will kick on for a minute, and then shut off. After some research, it seems like maybe a dirty flame sensor is a common cause...
  17. How To Repair A Sink Ripped Out The Wall!

    General DIY Discussions
    Anyone Know How To Repair A Sink Ripped Out The Wall??? So I decide to lean on my sink ... wrong move for me! It tears out from the wall .. I just stood there not knowing what to do ... I turned out the water and put my sink on a chair ... The pipes seem to be fine but the metal piece that...
  18. Broken Diverter? Need HELP! URGENT!!!

    hi, i think my shower diverter is broken. it is on top of the tub spout/facuet. what will happen is when i pull the diverter up to put it on shower mode half of it will be on shower and half of it will be on bath. i think i need to replace it but i dont know how for the only way it seems i would...