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brick chimney

  1. mounting heavy object to plaster covered brick chimney

    Drywall & Plaster
    My parents live in an old house with lathe and plaster walls. They have an unused chimney coming up through their living room. This chimney is covered directly with plaster-no convenient studs to work with. Here's my problem: I would like to mount a mantle on this wall. While it's not...
  2. Working through reasonable masonry rework cost

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Had out a chimney company to look at some spalling on one side of my chimney. They pointed out that about 15 bricks will need to be replaced, and the chimney crown had a crack and needed to be resurfaced (I think that that was the term). In addition, the flashing was shot (not too big of a...
  3. Brick Chimney Wall Insulation

    I pulled off the paneling in my living room to re-insulate and drywall it, and found a brick wall in the middle of the wall - it's the chimney from my basement fireplace. There was no insulation over the chimney, and they had some fibreglass insulation beside it... my question is: What can I...
  4. Is This Brick Rot???

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hello All, I'm looking to purchase a house, and I found one I like very much, but I'm worried about one thing. The house is brick (built in 1960), and pretty much all of the bricks have black spots on them. My first thought was that this was brick rot, but from what I've seen online I don't...
  5. Help! Hazardous chimney! is b-vent sufficient for roof venting?

    Hello, I'm new on this forum and I seek some help for my brick chimney that is kinda damaged (see the pics below), to say the least.
  6. Drywalling over Brick Chimney and Lath Wall

    Building & Construction
    Hi Everyone! I need some advice on what the best plan is here... Please see photos of the area I need to drywall. We are buying a family home and there was some water damage from 2 yrs ago that was never fixed. I have to do a TEMPORARY drywall, mud, and paint job to make the room look good...
  7. Any good brick chimney water repellents?

    I have a fairly large (3'deep x 5'wide x 3' high) brick chimney that absorbs water and leaks through the attic. It's a relatively new chimney (4 years), and in perfect condition, as is the crown. The roof was re-done 3 years ago, and has good copper flashing around the chimney. The roofer...