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  1. Interior Decorating
    Hi there, I'm excited to be here! I just repainted my bedroom this beautiful ice blue: Iceberg by Sherwin Williams. I love it. The trim and door are white. The carpet is a medium shade of gray berber. I feel stuck. I've spent over a dozen hours over the last couple weeks browsing online...
  2. Painting
    I want to repaint a bedroom that used to be part of our attic. It is large with lots of angles and is not well lighted. We have a bottom portion that is about 3' all the way around with the walls angled upward. I would love to use a coastal blue color. I am thinking of a deeper blue on the...
  3. Electrical
    I have this wire: , but the only difference is, mine is a light blue, but it is still 12/2 600 volts. What is the difference?
  4. Plumbing
    A few weeks ago I noticed we were quickly losing water pressure at our kitchen sink. I pulled the original aerator and it was all clogged up with a turquoise colored sediment. I picked up a new aerator and all was well for a couple days. When I pulled that it too was clogged already! Today I...
  5. Electrical
    hi everyone! the plastic blue outlet boxes say outlet/switch, the gray says only SWITCH, hence i cannot use the gray for outlets? also, can I screw through the plastic with say, a drywall screw into the wall stud to make it tighter than the 2 nails? tnkx! DM:whistling2:
1-5 of 5 Results