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block wall

  1. Shallow frame hollow block firewall

    Building & Construction
    Hi there, My husband and I own half a 1960s duplex. The dividing wall between the two homes is made of hollow block. I know it is hollow as I have drilled into it before. I will be taking out the existing kitchen right down to the studs and putting in a whole new kitchen.What I would like to do...
  2. Can anyone identify this 1970s block

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi Folks , just started chasing some walls in a kitchen makeover in my 1978 build flat. Behind plaster layer is block work (internal wall ) when you cut back into the block it almost looks like brown wood fibres as the agregate ? Not come across blocks like this before - any ideas on their...
  3. Basement Vapor Barrier

    I’m looking to finish the basement of my split level house which is in a cold climate. I have 3.5 foot high block walls in the basement that have some moisture on the walls after it rains (but never any standing water) and met with a basement contractor who recommends digging a trench out...
  4. How Do I Stucco Over A Below-Grade Concrete-Block Wall

    Drywall & Plaster
    How Do I Stucco Over A Below-Grade Concrete-Block Wall? Can I clean the concrete-block wall well, apply DRYLOK waterproofing, and then apply the stucco over the DRYLOK? Any good answers will be much appreciated.
  5. Building "basement wall" to support house weight. Top row of block issue

    Building & Construction
    Hello, I started building a block wall using 8x8x16 inch standard concrete blocks. This wall goes under the corner of my house with no real access from the inside. However, I would like to put some of the house weight on this new section of wall but I'm not sure what a good way to do this...
  6. Block and Brick Ledge

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Sorry for the repost. I should have posted this under Masonry the first time. I'm building a block porch foundation in well drained soil. It will be about 4 courses. I want to add brick to the front exposed part of the foundation wall just under the slab. I have plenty of 8" block left over...
  7. Brick Planter against Block Fence

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    So we build a patio in the backyard and are about to put in a block wall using regular 4x8x16 block. What I'm wondering is if we build a brick planter about 2 1/2 or 3ft high, about roughly 20 or 24 inches deep and about 16ft long it leaves me with a few questions. 1: Can I just use the block...
  8. Slab, footer, block, insulation, vapor barrier & me!

    Building & Construction
    HELP would be so appreciated. I'm building a 12x20 art studio/office in central WV. I want it to be warm and dry, and, I only want to do it once, so I want to do it right. The location ground is solid and not damp. The Amish will build this - they have put up two cabins for us, but they built...