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  1. Interior Decorating
    I have a clip that broke off my blinds, and look at home improvement store and didn't find perfect fit. Is this something that can even be replaced?
  2. Windows and Doors
    I want to mount some new Venetian blinds on my bathroom window. I know exactly where the screws should go to put the mountings in place, but I'm not certain what kinds of screws I need (and whether I need drywall anchors, for instance). There were blinds there previously that had screws that...
  3. Insulation
    I moved to New Zealand not long ago and was impressed at the lack of insulation in the houses!....So I started looking for a simple way of sorting this problem and found out about thermal roller blinds which totally made the job of keeping me warm in winter...
  4. Interior Decorating
    I recently purchased a new home that didn't come with any blinds or shades or drapery, which was fine, but now that I've re-painted or am mostly done re-painting all of the walls, it is time to be looking at blinds or shades or whatever. The only window so far that has anything is my living room...
  5. Roofing/Siding
    Can anyone suggest a durable type of conservatory roof blinds? I live here in UK. Thanks!
  6. Electrical
    I have a skylight about 13 feet up in the air which desperately needs a set of blinds to cover it up so I can get some sleep on the weekends. However, I want something that can open when I like the light. I don't want anything dangling 10 feet down so I'm opting for a motorized blinds solution...
  7. Building & Construction
    Wasn't really sure where to post this.... I've hit a snag while installing horizontal blinds. I have a situation where there seems to be some sort of metal stud header or metal duct running through the ceiling where I need to mount the brackets for the blinds. Where the wall and ceiling meet...
1-8 of 9 Results