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  1. Painting
    We painted our bathroom on Friday 9/15. We did not use the shower for over 24 hours after. We used a Zinser Mildew resistant ceiling paint. One that goes on Pink and dry's white. Our bathroom does get very steamy when taking a shower, we have a small ceiling fan vent that should remove...
  2. Plumbing
    Hi, My heat is with cast iron radiators! This is my 3rd winter in this house. The first winter everything worked great! The 2nd winter all radiators started out ok but by the end of the winter 2 of them stopped working. Now this year I started the unit and all of the radiators on the 2nd...
  3. Painting
    I am pretty new to this forum, wanting to start a painting project and looking for some tips on how to paint without that nasty bleed around! Came across this product called Frog tape Looks promising on their website.. They say their tape prevents bleeding, but has anyone tried this?
1-3 of 3 Results