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  1. Tools
    Hello Folks, I have a 30+ year old Sears jigsaw. It take U-shank blades. The blade slips up into the holder and there is a screw in the side of the holder that screws in to hold the blade. The original blades had 2 holes in the shank and the screw went into one of the holes. A short while ago...
  2. Tools
    Hey everyone, I have an old Craftsman 10" table saw that I bought off Craigslist years ago and want to buy a dado blade primarily to cut mortise and tenon joints on 3/4" thick wood. Got any recommendations?
  3. Carpentry
    Hi guys, I am cutting the backsplash off of a cultured marble vanity that is 69" long. I don't have the time or manpower to take everything apart, so I would like to cut it while it is installed. I have seen posts regarding cutting cultured marble, however they are generally not installed. I...
  4. Tools
    I know this isn't what you are asking about, but Lenox makes a jab saw handle made to take sawzall blades. You can also find short 3" sawzall blades to use with it.
  5. HVAC
    Hey all: I am new to the forum so first let me thank you for looking at this thread and sharing your knowledge. Photo 1: The cracked 6" fan blade with 5/8" shaft diameter Photo 2: Photo of Air Compressor Motor Specs Photo 3: Gray Motor Start Capacitor, 300uf, 125V AC Photo 3: Black Motor Run...
1-5 of 5 Results