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black mastic

  1. Black Mastic - Best Options if Don't Want to Remove

    Hi. I'm new to DIYChat and am hoping someone can help. My sister and her husband removed some 9x9 tiles in their basement, not realizing they were asbestos tiles. They are now left with a 10 x 13 room with black mastic. It is pretty smooth and level. I read the post about using BEAN-E-DOO...
  2. Let me tell you a story about the mastic basement blues.

    So here goes... Remodeling basement. I have ripped out old nasty drywall from the celing. Used 10 gallons and a power sprayer to paint the celing joists and walls. Thought I was done. Notsomuch...wife wants to rip out carpet:censored:. Ok Ok so I goes to rip it out now people, and low and behold...
  3. Asbestos tile and mastic

    Hi all, I've been through a ton of these posts and still have not come up with a conclusion about what to do with my basement. I just moved into a split-level house in Philly built in the early 50's. One thing I noticed and was confirmed visually by my home inspector is that the tiles in the...
  4. Will it stick?

    Just had some VAT removed from the concrete basement floor. There was black mastic underneath that was also removed with a heavy duty solvent (methyl ethyl ketone I think it was). I hear the mastic residue can react with other adhesives and cause problems. The floor needs to be skimmed before...