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  1. Electrical
    Hi, I'm from Sri Lanka and am new to the forum. The house we are live in is an old one. Walls are kinda infested with ants..they come out of switch placements on the wall, even from some plug points. When I touch my computer casing and CRT monitor screen I get a heavy vibration or shock, its...
  2. Electrical
    My power bill has risen substantially in the last 4 months. My son is away at college, I'm the only one in the house, I'm home on average 10 hours a day. I cook less, wash clothes less, there is 1 less shower a day, I keep the thermostat on 67 during the day and 70 when I'm at home. I've...
  3. Electrical
    What do you guys do to save on your Electricity bill? (2009 Edition) Ok, first off, yes i've replaced all my bulbs to CFC's What do you guys do? Lets talk about real world 2009 things to do.. Ps. this is one of the BEST sites ive found about saving on your electrical bills. ...
1-3 of 3 Results