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  1. Carpentry
    Struggling to cut this large cove crown. Overall height is about 6.5" and the saw has no problem cutting any angle (dual bevel 12" slider saw). The problem is that the spring angle is different between top and bottom of this crown so cutting a left outside corner works fine, but right outside...
  2. Carpentry
    I am installing crown molding on my kitchen cabinets. I have no problem with the 90 angle (two 45 degree cuts), but i am having trouble with 3 other angles. They are all 135 degree inside (if that makes sense). I am using a compound miter saw, but can't seem to get the miter and bevel set...
  3. Painting
    Almost ready to strip paint off beveled cedar siding. Got a problem though!:huh: My siding has a flat face for about 6 inches and then when it meets another piece of siding(tongue and groove) it slopes down an inch. It slopes down with a rounded finish( like a half pipe). So i can sand the flat...
1-3 of 3 Results