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  1. Need Wood Slats for Cast-Iron Bench

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for some suggestions on where to find some wood slats to rebuild a couple of cast-iron benches. I would prefer to not spend hundreds of dollars on the wood if possible - I priced out teak and it just doesn't make sense. The current dimensions of the wood slats...
  2. cilinder block bench:001_unsure:

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    hi there I'm new to this forum and would like some help with building a sitting bench out of cylinder blocks, this is where it gets tricky, I'm trying to do this right in front of an existing cylinder block wall thats about 7 feet high and only has 12inches of a Footing. So do I dig below the...
  3. Eagle Scout Project - benches

    Building & Construction
    So I am doing an Eagle Scout project at my school, I am going to assemble and install a couple of benches. The issue is, I have no idea how to do this. Would anyone like to help answer some of the questions I have? 1) What materials would I need? 2) How many would I need of each, and how would...
  4. Simple Outdoor Bench

    I want to build simple bench, as I don't have an extensive expertise in woodworking. The outdoor bench will be a present for my wife's birthday, so it has to look nice and be durable. Until now I haven't done much, except for finding some plans that suit my needs...
  5. Newbie needs direction building a simple small storage bench.

    In a basic sense, I want to build a small bench, basically a rectangular plywood box you can sit on, with storage inside. Ideally half of the storage would be a cabinet, half would be two or three drawers, but if the drawers are too complicated, the entire thing could be a cabinet and that would...
  6. Wooden Bench Glider Help

    I have been wanting to build a simple Wooden Bench Glider. However, As I have never done this before, I need a little foresight and advice. What I have is a pile of lumber, a Lot of scews, Bolts, and other misc. things and have pretty much everything I should need to build it but not sure how...
  7. Building a bench at the end of a bath tub

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Hi there, I am renovating a basement 3 pieces bathroom. It will pretty much be a gut job but the plumbing/electrical will not be moved. The main thing I am concerned about for this project is that the wall length measures 6 feet. Once I put the tub/shower in I am left with an extra foot of...
  8. Park Bench security

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Any suggestions for economical ways to secure a couple of park benches in a semi-public memorial garden? They are nice benches and we don't want them to "walk off". The benches will be resting on soil, not on concrete pads. I had thought of burying a couple of cement blocks under the benches...