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bed bugs

  1. Identifying Pest Droppings

    Pest Control
    Hi, My neighbors have bed bugs which made me carefully look for any sign if I have them as well. I didn't find anything that resembled bed bug traces that I saw on the internet. Instead I found many hard, black droppings which had a distinct smooth surface on one side and a rough one on the...
  2. Bed Bug Problem

    Pest Control
    For about a week or two, I've been noticing bug bites, mostly on my leg, but also on my arms and one or two on my hips, but I have animals, and we just had a little flea problem so I figured that's what it was, and acted accordingly. Just last night, I noticed a single (unfed) bed bug on the...
  3. Help Me Please

    Pest Control
    I've recently moved into a townhouse and 2 days after unpacking and cleaning we've noticed bed bugs coming from the base boards. We've decided to move while landlord is agreeing to refund 100% of our money. My question is how infested are my personal belongings? we immediately placed our beds in...