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  1. Load bearing wall or not?

    Building & Construction
    Hello, could someone please verify for me that this is not a load bearing wall: Here are the details. Please let me know if you need more: There is a beam directly under the wall in the basement The joists in the kitchen (room where photo was taken) run perpendicular to and end at the wall...
  2. 90 Year old Garage Roof Support Issue

    Long Time User - First time Poster (renovating 90 yr old community center with detached garage. Some garage joists ENDS are rotten and others are compromised.) Are the joist sizes acceptable and are there better solutions for this issue? Brick garage o/d 23'w x 24'2"d. Walls 13" thick...
  3. Bearing Beam Replacement

    Building & Construction
    I am trying to replace a load bearing beam. It is currently 3 2x10's (doug fir) and it runs over a 10 foot span. I would like to install a tee beam (flange down) that measures: web 8.5", .300" thick and the flange is 6" and .425" thick. I'm pretty sure this new beam has more strength but I...
  4. Want to widen a doorway. Need advice (picture gallery inlcuded)

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    I have uploaded a gallery here to help show what I am asking about: We are renovating our kitchen and want to widen a door way to put an island in. We do not believe this is load bearing and had a few friends tell us that it is not either. Just wanted a second...
  5. to knock down or not to knock down!! help!!!

    Building & Construction
    so my wife and i are about to re-do our kitchen and would like to open up the space a lot. we want to knock down a wall dividing the kitchen from the dining room. we live in a ranch style house with no basement and just a crawl space in the attic on a concrete slab. we would like to remove the...
  6. Can't tell what to do with this wall, load bearing??

    Building & Construction
    Thanks for taking some time to read my post as I am new around here but not new to forums in general. I feel right now I need to gather as much info as possible for my situation as I have been blown off by 3 separate GC's in my area who pulled a no show on me. I bought a house recently which...