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battery backup

  1. Battery Backup - Sump Pumps

    Hello Everyone, I have a storm water catch basin that has two 3/4 HP sump pumps to move storm water to the side of the building where it will drain properly. If the power goes out during a good storm I get flooded. These pumps are connected to a 120v outlet box. I'd like to have an inline...
  2. Can I Use a standard Sump Pump as a Battery Backup?

    Hi All, We are in the process of building our first house with a basement. I talked with one of the city engineers, and he stated that the area did not have any water table issues, but that the Storm Sewer height is higher than the basement drainage tiles, so they are routing that to a Sump...
  3. Sump pump questions

    I am a new homeowner and never lived in a house with a sump pump. We have 3 sump pumps, 2 in one corner and one in another corner. The one by itself occasionally sounded like a motorcycle was speeding on our road, now it is running constantly. It is very loud and appears to be correctly...
  4. power transfer switch with circuit breakers

    Hi there, I'm in the process of designing a battery backup system for critical circuits in my house. I'm currently searching for the most appropriate automatic transfer switch and secondary breaker box. Ideally what I would like to find is a combo ATS and breaker box all-in-one, but so...
  5. Backup Sump pump battery question

    Hi, I installed Zoeller 507 Backup sump pump in my basement. I just installed it but didnt buy battery yet. They battery they recommend is Aquanot which is almost 300$. I was planning to buy "Wayne 75 amp hour maintenance free battery". But the thing is i looked on sump pump it doesn't says...
  6. Emergency 120v Battery Backup Power Supply

    I have several appliances, stove, hot water heater, telephone, that could be used in a power outage with a small 120 volt back up battery supply. Does anyone have any experiences with something like this? What would be the best way to approach this? What would be the best type of self charging...
  7. AO Smith Hybrid water heater - battery backup?

    I'm in the process of having an AO Smith NEXT Hybrid Water Heater installed. Due to space limitations in my Charlotte, NC home, it's being installed in the attic. I'm concerned about the winter storms we have every few years that knock the power out for several days. Does anyone have any...
  8. Smoke Detector without Battery, Vaulted Ceilings

    Can someone help us with this? We live in this wonderful, converted church--Church. New England, old, know where we are going, right? Yes, the beautiful, peaked, vaulted ceilings, 20+ feet high, loved it, and still do. But, three years later, those interconnected smoke...