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  1. Shared duct for 2 bathroom fans ?

    Happy New Year to all. I'm new here and looking for some great advice :smile: I 'm updating 2 side-by-side 5'x9' bathrooms and they don't have fans. The tub and shower are either side of the shared 5' wide wall. I don't like ducting fans through the roof - Canada winters can be so cold - so I...
  2. Bathroom fan timer switch with no neutral wire

    I recently went to Home Depot and picked up the only timer switch they had (Leviton 6161T), and they guy confirmed it was the only option. Unfortunately, after installing it I've learned it's meant only for incandescent lights and is not to be used with a bathroom fan. It seems to be working...
  3. intermittent noisy bathroom fan

    I moved into brand new place 8-9 months ago. A couple of months ago, the bathroom fan started making a terribly loud rattly noise just sometimes. Not on and off, but either it runs (relatively) quiet for the duration. Or it runs disfunctionally loud for the duration. I can't figure out any...
  4. Additional fan in closet

    General DIY Discussions
    So, this may be a weird and multi-part question, so I didn't know where to post it exactly. Hopefully you can bear with me. I live in a 2-story loft condo unit with concrete floors and ceilings. I have a closet and a bathroom on the first floor along the inner (hallway) part of the condo, and...
  5. Wiring a bathroom fan / light with 2 switches

    Hello - I'm attempting to install a new bathroom vent fan / light combo. I pulled out the old one from the ceiling and am ready to install the new one. I'm not sure how to wire up the new one. The wire coming from the 2 Switches/Wall has the following 4 wires: Black, White, Red, Bare Copper...
  6. No ventilation in bathroom, suggestions?

    Hi all, embarking on my second bathroom renovation, project details are available here ( I'm in a garden-style (4 story) condo complex built in 1980. A serious design flaw is that the...
  7. Circuit Breaker that trips slowly

    Hi there, I recently replaced the upstairs bathroom fan with a newer style (Broan economy - 0.9 amp). Everything worked fine until later on that night the CB tripped. I re-set it and low an behold, I wake to find it tripped again in the morning. I eventually took the fan and the fan casing...
  8. Venting Bathroom Fan through Attic to soffit vent, vancouver island

    Vancouver Island location - fairly wet mild winters. Is it okay to vent a bathroom fan through an unheated attic space to a soffit vent at the side of the house. Soffit vent would be about 15 feet from the fan - will be using metal ducting to get air from fan to soffit vent.
  9. Snow in through Bathroom Exhaust Vents

    We live in a three-year-old home in Fargo, ND. We have four bathroom exhaust fans that vent through our roof. Each of them, to some degree, "chatter" and clatter when the wind blows. Even more of a problem is that snow blows in during periods of heavy snow/wind, eventually blocking the duct...