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bathroom fan exhaust

  1. Bathroom Exhaust Fan Duct Sizing

    I am replacing an old noisy bathroom exhaust fan that currently has a 4" roof jack/cap and 4" ductwork. According to the proper calculations, I would need a new exhaust fan rated at 190 CFM. However, I can't find any 4" exhaust fans with CFM ratings this high. The roof is 7/12 pitch and I...
  2. Inline exhaust design ideas with dampers (pics)

    I would like to upgrade the current loud bathroom exhaust with an inline system. I am considering Fantech FR150 or kit or Panasonic FV-20NLF1 for bathrooms A, B & laundry room C in diagram below. All three locations are next to each other, maximum length of tubing from inlet to outdoors would...
  3. Wet bathroom

    My husband and I bought a 1970's house 1 year ago and when purchased the bathroom ceiling was very moldy. We bleached and repainted everything in the bathroom and got a new exhaust fan. We noticed that it wasn't doing the job so we installed an additional exhaust fan and still didn't do the...
  4. Basement bathroom exhaust fan

    Hello, Is the bathroom exhaust is required by code in the basement. I put the fan, and it vents into the utility room. Inspector told me to tie it to a vent going outside. I have power vented water heater and I am afraid to tie into that because of backflow concerns. How and where can I tie...