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bathroom ceiling

  1. How do I frame around vent pipe that was in soffit?

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    Hi, I am renovating my master bathroom and took down the soffits over the sinks. One problem, there's a vent pipe that protrudes about 4" into the room. There was nothing else in the soffit. I guess I want to just build a small angled from around it and sheetrock over it. Any suggests how to...
  2. Vapour Barrier for Ceiling in Bathroom

    I am currently renovating my bathroom and have run into some question about how to handle the Ceiling. FIRST: My father first suggested that I use BlueDow (blue foam board) on the ceiling under the joists to: 1. hold up the insulation Batts (Roxol 2x6 batts) 2. create a vapour barrier (once...
  3. peeling bathroom celing paint??

    OK, I have this bathroom which had a ventilation problem (now fixed). The walls and ceiling have skim coat plaster and the paint is peeling off like crazy exposing the plaster itself. It was the moisture issue that caused it. I'm a DIY guy and this is my first ceiling repair and want to do...