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bath vent

  1. Add second bathroom fan vs. install bigger one?

    Hi - first-time poster here. I searched my question and didn't find the topic addressed previously. My bathroom has a 70 CFM fan, but it's 122 cubic feet (10'10" ceilings in a 8.5'x10' room). Is it acceptable to add a second 70 CFM fan, or do we need one 130+ CFM unit? Thanks much!
  2. Bath tub vent

    Can I run the drain after the P-trap, the length of the 5' tub, to the opposite wall before I Tee down and vent up?
  3. Exhaust fan for multiple baths

    I am remodeling an old 2 story house, and am installing 4 baths, 2 up and 2 down, 2 above the other 2. I want to install only 1 fan for all 4 baths, in the attic. Is this practical? If so, what size fan and motor should I look for? I'm thinking of venting it thru the roof, before I have the...