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bath tub

  1. Cutting up a Massive Tub

    General DIY Discussions
    Hello Everyone, I would really appreciate your thoughtfulness on this one. In November my wife and I purchased the house we had been renting for 2 years. We are super excited as we love the place and have so many great ideas for the place. One funny thing that seems to have been the trend in...
  2. Looking for Bath repair

    Looking at my bathtub, I think it needs resurfacing. Water gets blocked because of which there are lot of stains. Is there a way I can do it by myself? Or I should seek for expert's help?
  3. Recurring dark mold/mildew/gunk possible related problems in shower/tub

    Hi, folks! I've moved around a bit since I was last posting here and am currently living in a condo in Queens, NYC in a 12-unit building. When I moved into the place, the caulk in the tub, the shower head, and the interior side of the doors had black gunk on them. (I say gunk because I don't...
  4. Need help identifying plumbing fixture

    So I just joined here and of course, I need some assistance. I'm doing some work on a bathtub fixture. Basically, I can't get the thing apart. I can't get the single handle control off. :vs_mad: I've removed the screw inside the handle ball. So I'm trying to identify the manufacturer and see if...
  5. Need advice on replacement bathtub

    So, we are renovating our 30 year-old home and everything is going well. We had the cast iron (maybe steel?) tub painted, since it was a lovely avacado green. :laughing: It's a standard 5 ft. tub. We completely redid the bathroom; vanity, tile, lighting, paint, the works. Well, the guy didn't...
  6. Bathtab podium finishes - Caulking or grout

    Building & Construction
    Hi there! I am new to this forum so please forgive me if i am not asking the questions right. I am an interior decorator and i have designed a bathroom with a corner bath tub with the podium. The ceramic is in dark brown everywhere on the bath tub podium and on the floor. My contractor put a...
  7. bath tub drain leak

    i just installed a MOEN drain on my bath tub and followed the instructions that came with it step by step. i tested the drain by filling the tub full to see if it was done properly and if the bottom of the drain can sustain the pressure of a tub full of water. however, as the tub was...
  8. Setting a bath tub

    I am trying to install a bath tub in the basement. Manufacturer recommends that the bath tub be set in a bed of mortar. I followed a recommendation in one of the threads and used a 6 mil poly on top of the mortor bed to prevent the mortar from sticking to the underside of the tub. However, I...
  9. Clogged cold water in bath tub tap.

    Having an issue with the Tap on a bath tub. It's one tap that controls both hot and cold water. I am not getting cold water out of it. Dismantled it but can't see any obstructions. What can I do without having to tear up the bathroom. Stumped. Thanks
  10. DIY Shower curtain rod assembly for a clawfoot tub

    I am looking to set up a stand up shower for my clawfoot tub. Pre-packaged kits are available, but they are RIDICULOUSLY expensive. I have a fine faucet and handheld shower assembly, so all I need is a rod that encircles the whole tub (similar to the oval or D shaped setups) to hang the...
  11. drains

    can a toilet and a bathtub drain down the same pipe?I bought a house a few weeks ago that's been "gutted" and I need to replace a lot of things one of which is the drains in the basement.So again my question is can I connect a bath tub drain to the same drain as a toilet?:confused1:
  12. Old Pipes don't fit the new fixtures

    Hi, I am replacing the bath tub shower faucet. Original is 20+ years old with 1 inch inlet pipes. The new ones all seem to be 1/2 inch. The old one was leaking from the Cold handle. Now that I took it off and put it back on the leak is much worse. Help:wallbash:
  13. leaking bath tub question

    hi, we figured out that our tub only leaks when weight is in it (ie: person standing in there taking a shower or if you fill the tub with water and then run the shower). apparently, the caulking is not enough and a space forms from the weight, pulling the tub down and away from the tile wall...
  14. Bathtub faucet leak in wall

    I own a 1998 manufactored home and i recently discovered i have a water leak between my guest bathroom wall and guest bedroom wall. I opened up the wall and have found out that the faucet is plastic. The kind with a pull up thing for a shower. The place were the lines attack dont leak but if i...
  15. Bath tub w/depression in middle

    Hi: Hope I can get some help with this. We have a bathtub in a (nice) rental house that has a 'depression' in the middle. That means that the water won't drain out of the tub all the way. There is always a little pool in the center part of the bottom of the tub. Short of pulling the tub out...