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basement wall

  1. Hanging Stuff from Wall Ties (form ties)

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Is it OK to hang stuff from wall ties that the contractor didn't break off? The unfinished portion of my basement still has these form ties sticking out of the exterior concrete walls. (see attached pictures) They are not notched like many I have seen and they seem pretty strong. I cut some...
  2. New Partition Wall Under I-Beam in Basement

    Hi group, I need to put up a new partition wall in my finished basement to split the basement into 2 rooms - a play room for the kids and an office for me. The natural location is to put the wall under the steel i-beam that splits the room by a third. The i-beam is 4" wide. It is...
  3. Resurfacing Concrete interior wall

    Building & Construction
    Hi! I bought a 1920 house. The interior walls of the basement had tar about 4 feet up the interior of the basement. I wanted to remove the tar because I didn't trust what was behind it. I wanted to repair the wall fully before finishing the basement. So I got out the rotary hammer and started...
  4. Sheet rock ceiling in basement and Web Trusses

    Building & Construction
    I want to finish my basement. Currently the it has block wall and web trusses. On these trusses sits my first floor plywood base. I have couple of questions regarding finishing. 1. Can I attach Sheet rock ceiling directly to the web trusses or should I put some kind of 1x3 perpendicular to the...
  5. Basement wall bowing and leaking

    Building & Construction
    I have a basement wall that is bowing and leaking, steel beams have been installed, but it doesn't look good to prospective home buyers. My Grandpa and mortgage holder wants to poor another wall in front of the existing one. It would be 4" thick, 4' high in between the support beams. Has...