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basement humidity

  1. Considerations for mold free finished basement in Massachusetts?

    General DIY Discussions
    Thanks in advance for any experienced advice you can give me on this topic. I'm trying to add space in my basement for my 2 small children. I've had several people estimate this job and each one had different ideas about what was required to ensure a mold free basement. Most of those ideas...
  2. Basement Remodel

    Building & Construction
    I am in the beginning stages of a basement remodel. My basement is currently an open space with poured concrete foundation,. My question is regarding insulation. I was thinking of getting 1" - 2" foam insulation and glueing it right to the foundation walls. I figured this would help with...
  3. New Basement with Moisture Problems from Slab

    I Had Just Built a new House Myself and Finished the House Now I had a problem with the Concrete Slab in the basement - Moisture Wicking Up I Found no Vapor barrier Under Slab. I Highered Out the Slab work to a local Contractor to pour a slab - I din't know much about the slab finishing and that...
  4. Dehumidifier for Very Wet Basement

    I am looking for a super-duper dehumidifier to dry down a very wet basement/cellar. The best that I can find online is 70-pints. Does anyone have a recommendation for something stronger that won't require new mortgage, perhaps $200-$400? It needs to drain into sump pit. Also, it would help...
  5. basement storage room air quality

    General DIY Discussions
    I have a 4-yr old, hillside rancher. The lower level is finished and heated. There is a 350 sq. ft., unfinished storage room, below grade. It is heated by a small wall heater and fan, but it not vented. A door leads into it from a bedroom. It is beginning to smell musty and I have been...