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  1. Building & Construction
    We just moved into our new home and was hoping to clear up this floor a bit in the basement. I had purchased a bag of quikrete concrete resurfacer. I went ahead and patched up the major cracks and flaws in the floor with quick setting cement. This was a hand dug basement added after the home...
  2. Building & Construction
    Hi, I need some advice on how to add a few inches of head room to my basement. We have a 100 year old, brick, 2 flat. Currently the basement is unfinished. Before we start the remodeling of the basement we would like to add just a few inches of headroom possibly by taking out the concrete...
  3. HVAC
    Hi, I am new to the forum and am looking for ideas about our Radiant Floor System. We recently bought a house (we live in MN) and discovered the Radiant Floor pipes in our basement floor are cracked in multiple places in each of the 6 loops due to the house not being winterized while being...
1-3 of 3 Results