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basement drain

  1. Underground plumbing on basement floor is not according to layout

    Hello Everyone, My house is one year old and is located in Ontario, Canada. The basement rough-in plumbing was finished when the house was built. I am now starting to finish the basement and I found out that the plumbing in the bathroom is off by about 12". I have been able to solve most of...
  2. Drain New washing machine

    I just bought a new machine and attached it to the pipe we have been using for drainage for 15 years with no problems and it will not drain. I understand the new machines will not pump water up and along a level pipe to the outside drain. Is it really no longer possible to get a machine with a...
  3. Basement Bar Sink to A/C drain

    I know nothing about proper plumbing so excuse my ignorance but I am wanting to know if its possible to install a sink that drains into the a/c condensation drainage in the basement floor? I am wanting to add a sink to my bar area and the a/c drain is located about 2 feet behind the bar.
  4. venting for basement sink into sump w pump

    My home has plumbing in basement floor for a full bath, including a collection tank that requires a pump, etc. There are two 2" drain pipes protruding from the floor, for a sink and a shower, and a 3" toilet pipe. I plan to install a laundry tub that will use a 2" drain pipe. I'll also install...
  5. Water backup into basement floor drain after jetting lateral and sanitary sewer

    Single family home, built 1994 (I understand most likely all PVC piping due to age), City sewer, lived here for 5 years never any problems Background, May or may not be relevant: About 7 weeks ago There was a water main break and while repairing the city "accidentally tapped into the sewer...