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  1. Mysterious leak from toilet base

    Hopefully this is appropriate for the forum! I certainly think so, but anyhow. I have a leak around the base of a toilet. It seem pretty cut and dried that it must be a bad seal from under the base. So I just took up the toilet, after running to the hardware store and getting a new wax/seal, but...
  2. What to put on the back of kitchen cabinets????? HELP!

    I just put in new kitchen cabinets and I have base cabinets that come out like a peninsula so they are not up against anything, now what do I put on the back of them? I have looked all over the internet and can not find any kind of answer I bought the side pieces to put on the back but it's...
  3. Semi-Concealed Post Base for Pergola/Patio

    Building & Construction
    I found myself moved by the design of this steel base, with integrated standoff, for a wood post. With its concealed knife edge design, the amount of exposed base above the wood line is minimal. If anyone knows of a source for this item I'd be grateful to know of it (But it's probably something...
  4. achoring an aluminum frame gazebo

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    hey guys my 1st post here since introducing myself I've built a 10' square gazebo or patio base using 6" depth of crushed limestone compacted down twice covered with 2' square patio slabs that i had lying around, framed by some 4x4" pressure treated posts. See attached IMG_1186.jpg, it turned...
  5. Paver Base ... pea gravel depth?

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Paver Base ... pea gravel depth? (overdig area) Hello from Illinois! I am replacing a concrete sidewalk with a paver sidewalk that connects our driveway to the front door. I am currently excavating near the front door and have dug down about 2 feet and have only been removing extremely loose...
  6. kerdi fix drying under membrane

    Building & Construction
    Is it possible to use Kerdi fix to effectively glue kerdi membrane to a fiberglass shower base? I have kerdi on cement board coming flush with my shower base flange. My original thinking was that I would use Kerdi band to join to the base, however, I am thinking now that Kerdi-Fix might not...
  7. Sand vs. Pea Gravel?

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I've had a couple of landscapers come out to give quotes about doing some minor grading on our yard in preparation for a patio install and I've about come to the conclusion that I'll do it myself and save the ~$1k quotes I've gotten. But my question here is that I've had some landscapers say...