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  1. Baseboards taller than stair skirt, what to do

    Hey! I’m chasing my baseboards to this beveled type with matching shoe mould. The baseboards are taller than the stair skirt. I want to put the shoe moulding up the stairs and to fill the space btw the first step and tile. Wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to navigate this?
  2. Black Mold behind base board, bathroom.

    General DIY Discussions
    Recently found black mold behind a base board in my bathroom next to the shower. It looks like it may not be severe, yet. I am wondering if there is a fix for it if so. Any info would be helpful. I can post photos if that would be helpful!
  3. Installing hardwoods, cant locate studs

    Hi I am attempting my first DIY project as a new homeowner - installing 3/4" mahogany floors. I have the old floors torn up, my baseboards have been removed and thankfully I have a nice, thick, plywood sub floor underneath. But without tearning up the plywood I dont know where my studs are...
  4. Uncle Knackers Shows How to Install Base Boards

    Hi everyone. Have you ever wanted to know how to cut the perfect internal corner on your base boards.They can be a little tricky. I've knocked up a video to show you how to do just that, and in three easy steps! Here's the link. Cheers. Uncle K...