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  1. Baseboard heat zone valve banging at shutoff

    Hello, I have a Utica Boiler with three zones, one for upstairs, one for downstairs, one for the hot water tank. The house and system are 12 years old, serviced yearly. The system began to have air in the system so I replaced Watts automatic air valve. Though the "stream-running" and...
  2. Gas furnace making multiple "booms"

    Our furnace has been making some terrifyingly loud booms in the winter. They are loud enough that it can be heard from any room in the house. We are renting and have had a "furnace guy" (landlords term) look at it a few times already. He says that it is a delayed ignition, BUT I am a bit...
  3. Banging pipes, already tried bleeding

    I have a hot-water boiler and radiator system. House was built in 1931, so have "black" pipes running along the ceiling in the basement, then on up to the two floors above to the radiators. The pipes have been banging for the last year or so, and it seems to be getting more frequent (once...
  4. leaking Toto toilet and banging pipe

    I have a Toto toilet that has a slow leek (it keeps running after it's full but goes down the drain - ie not flooding my bathroom). We replace the valve piece and went to turn the water back on and it started banging. Is this a preasure problem or something else and is it an easy fix?
  5. turning hot taps on making a sound like the ships are coming in

    ok im new here so pardon me if i dont know all the words. :) i live in a flat and i have an old water tank in the hallwall and one in the roof. now when i turn on the hot tap (bathroom or kitchen) it moans at me. to be honest it sounds like a ship horn. (family say its the ship coming in to...
  6. Pipes Banging badly since Water Company installed new pump

    Help. Ever since the local water company installed a new pump locally (water pressure at outside hose faucet is 80+) I get banging that starts at the water meter (in the laundry room) and spreads. Wall shakes; dining room chandelier shakes; now sounds as if the strap in kitchen ceiling broke...