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  1. Electrical
    bought a fairly antique 20" Monarch bandsaw. It came with a gigantic (~16" diameter) 5HP electric motor. I'm not sure a bandsaw of this size needs this much motor, but since I have it, I'll try to use it. The motor appears to be 5HP 3Phase, and probably 1730RPM. It is old enough that I can't...
  2. Tools
    I have a fairly potent 18" Rikon bandsaw. Is there any way to use it to cut metal? What is the difference between a wood BS and a metal BS beyond the blade?
  3. Electrical
    Hello- I am a woodworker, I have a small electrical dilemma to pose: I am working on a building project and I haven't hooked up the electrical service on site yet. I have a 17" Bridgewood bandsaw that runs on 220V power, it has a plug labeled 250V/30A. I would like to use this machine to cut...
  4. Tools
    :(I have an old Ingersoll Rand (IR) portable metal cutting bandsaw model 8099. I would like to acquire a parts/user/service manual for this saw or better yet a URL web link to such document/manual. I contacted IR concerning this model and they replied that this saw was offered under the Miller...
1-4 of 4 Results