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  1. Powderdust beetle? Mount of small particles on bamboo floors.

    Pest Control
    Hey guys! We got back from a vacation and I noticed a mount of small particles (1 inch in diameter) on my bamboo floors. Upon removing the particles, I discovered a small hole in bamboo flooring. I did a little research online and I think it's a powderdust beetle, but may be mistaken. Should I...
  2. Bamboo Cabinet Dealers in So CA

    Does anyone know a good place to get 3-ply bamboo cabinet doors in southern Calif? Thanks
  3. Strand Bamboo on existing Engineered on Slab?

    we are getting ready to install new strand woven bamboo floors. we currently have 3/8" engineered floors glued to the slab. additionally, we are removing carpet from 2 rooms that meet with the current engineered flooring to install the bamboo. would it be possible to lay a 6 mil moisture barrier...
  4. Bamboo wood floor "Toast"

    There is another recent post about bamboo flooring. Coincidentally, I'm also thinking of installing bamboo, Toast from Home Depot. The subflooring is mostly particle board, 5/8", laid on top of a black fabric on top of a wood floor (not sure how thick). It's not glued down. There is a big...
  5. Termite wood floor as sub-floor

    Hi! I just brought a 60 years old house which I want to put a new floating bamboo floor. The house has old 9x9 parquet hardwood floor glue over concrete slab sub floor. Since my budget is limited, I'm try to float the new bamboo over the old wood flooring without removing the old floor...
  6. Prepping for wood/bamboo on a poor original subfloor

    My home is approx 26 years old (I have only owned it 2 years) and the sub-floor used was kind of subpar in my opinion. I believe it is a 1/2" OSB. It is very creaky and has developed some waviness. Most of the first floor was tiled and the builder applied the tile mortar right to the thin...
  7. Bamboo-the Hostile Takeover

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Well looks like we may have found a great Victorian alternative to the 'Cat Pee House', however the owner has let bamboo take over the entire back yard. What is a good way to get rid of all of it? Some shoots are as tall as the house itself, though about a 1/4 of it is dead. We really need some...
  8. Advice for laying solid bamboo

    Hi Team, I need some advice on laying my bamboo flooring which I recently purchased at auction. Risky I know but I got it at a steal of a price. :thumbup: Anyway's I'm trying to determine if I should glue or float the product, with or without an underlay, as well as any hints or tips you guys...
  9. Bamboo Flooring Installation - subfloor question

    I am planning to install bamboo in my living room (5/8" x 3-3/4" x 3') over approximately 380 square feet. After pulling up the old carpet I discovered a layer of "concrete" over my subfloor. After some internet research I am guessing this is gypcrete or something similar. I live in an...