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  1. Insulation
    A leak above out bow window took me to the attic and it raised some questions ... Currently there are cardboard baffles ... they are saturated at the moment and bowed down under water weight. This is where my water issue came from as the baffle was dripping its water into an unsealed cavity...
  2. Insulation
    I just read that for a radiant barrier to be effective, 80% of the surface area must be covered. My house is in climate zone 5A. I have an original finished attic room that I am just beginning to insulate properly. The house was built in 1950. For the past six decades this house has leaked...
  3. Insulation
    This past November I moved into a Cape Cod style home. The second story has a knee wall on the south side of the house that I can access. The knee wall is completely insulated - floor, walls, and rafters. The insulation in the rafters is unfaced and right up against the wood board sheathing...
1-3 of 3 Results