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  1. Bathroom with INTERIOR walls.

    I joined DIYChatroom after 5 days of searching the internet and unable to find and consistent answer. Really hoping someone here can help. Project: Complete renovation of bathroom in residential property from 1951. The walls have been taken back to the studs where the bathtub and vanity were...
  2. Putting Down Backer Board...Do I need to add a SLC or can I just put it down?

    I am remodeling my kitchen. I pulled up the tile, which was down, when I bought the house. The person who installed it, placed the tile directly on the plywood subfloor. I am going to be putting down backer board, so I can put vinyl down. Do I need to use a SLC to level the floor before I put...
  3. Is backer board needed when tiling a backsplash on wood plank walls?

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    Hi, I'm trying to tile a kitchen counter and backsplash on an old house (in Hawaii) that uses single wall construction. That is, the walls are comprised of vertically layed tongue and groove redwood planks. The planks are about 6 inches wide and 1-1/4 inches thick. Do I need to use backerboard...
  4. Need but can't find 5/8" backer board... solution?

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    Still looking but I can't find a store locally (Gainesville, GA) that sells 5/8" cement board in anything but a 40 sheet bundle that comes with a $600+ price tag. I only need 6 sheet of 3x5 to finish the shower. Question is: Can I build out behind the backer board with drywall/wood/something...
  5. Installing shower (tub flange question)

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Ok, my question is this. My husband just got done ripping out our shower (because it was gross and leaking) we were planning on installing cement backer board and then some sort of membrane. When we ripped off the wall with the faucet and shower head though we found that all of the studs have...
  6. Replacing existing tile reusing backer board?

    I would like to remove the existing ceramic flooring tile in the home we just purchased, and put down new. However, to save $ I would like to leave the existing backer board (almost 3/4" thick) down and reuse with new porcelain tile. Can I do this? My new home is not even 10 years old. Also, is...
  7. Cement board w/Green board vs. Fiberock ?

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    I am currently renovating my bathroom due to loose tiles that were placed on top of drywall that is now moldy and falling apart. I have torn out all of the tiles & walls from around the bathtub and want to replace it with a waterproof barrier and cement board. The issue that I have run into...
  8. 3-Part Leveling - Thinset, Backer Board, SLC

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    My laundry room flooded due to an exterior leak and I had to pull up the vinyl. Under it I found up to 1.25" of wet, mildewed, compromised, putty-like SLC. Below it is another layer of vinyl with the top layer removed that was glued to the slab. It would seem that the builder tried to get away...
  9. Re-tiling shower, gaps between wall and tile?

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    We discovered loose tiles in our stand-up shower, which led to the removal of the entire small ledge at the end of our shower where shampoo bottles and stuff go, along with two rows of tiles along the side of the shower. We had to remove all of the green board because it was crumbling; however...
  10. Backer board over sheetrock before installing glass tile backsplash?

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    I'm in the process of remodeling our kitchen. I just removed the old laminate countertops and backsplash. My granite is set to be installed Tuesday. When removing the old backsplash it tore up the existing drywall. I was wondering if I could install a thin backer board over the drywall. This...
  11. 3/8" ceramic tiles over 1/4" cork over concrete

    Hi all. I live in a highrise condo and I'm installing 6x6x3/8" ceramic tiles in my hallway. The subflooring is very smooth, flat concrete (building was built in 1959, it seems to be very well put together), and the condo association has a rule that I need sound-proofing. I have rolls of 1/4"...
  12. How to join backerboard and blueboard

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    I will be partially tiling the walls surrounding a bathtub. I plan to up to 6 ft with the tile. If the backer board goes to the ceiling, what do I do with the untiled portion? It looks like hardibacker board has a face that can be painted. But what about taping the joints? Will it look...
  13. Cement backer board over kitchen concrete slab

    Hi! All, I have a question regarding the ½” hardie cement backer board apply on concrete slab. The kitchen that I’m working on has concrete slab, I’m putting a 3/8” porcelain tile in the kitchen floor. I want to raise the floor as much as possible to match the adjacent living room floor level...
  14. Master bath remodel... have lots of questions

    I'm in the middle of a master bathroom renovation. I bought the house knowing the master bath was a mess, multiple leaks have existed for at least six years, all the subfloor was ruined, big mess. I ripped everything out, "I" beam floor joist on 16 inch centers look great (thank goodness) I...
  15. tile on screen porch

    I'm planning on putting down tile on a screen porch and looking for the best way to put it down. i need to know the easy way to put down the backer board or no backer board? if i need the backer board, which is the easy and the cheapest to put down. and do i have to us thin set on the backer...
  16. how to tile corner??

    Hello and thanks for reading; Can an outside corner where hardibacker meets drywall be finished with tape and mud (no cornerbead) even if there is 1/4"furring strip behind the hardibacker? Essentially, the drywall is cut to the framing so now the hardibacker and wood furring strip will cover...
  17. Ceramic tile installed on a wall.

    I am intending to install ceramic tile on a bathroom wall, from the floor up to a height of about 3 feet. Currently, there is sheetrock on the wall. Do I have to remove that and install cement board or something? Will sheetrock not support the weight of the tiles? thx.
  18. Tile blacksplash in tight space

    I have a free standing stove (range/oven combo) that is in a corner of my kitchen. On the left side is my granite countertop and on the right side is a wall that is only ~2 feet wide and comes out the same depth as the stove and countertops. I want to do a tile backsplash in my kitchen and...
  19. "Truing up" a shower wall

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    I'm remodeling a master bath in our house. Since the oldest is leaving for college, I have "stolen" some space from his old room to enlarge the bath from 6'x6' to 6'x11'. The wall that is being extended is at conflux of other walls, so basically is is jammed full of studs and cripple at all...