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  1. General DIY Discussions
    The motor in our roof mount attic fan went out. The old motor is Clark United 120V 60HZ and 1.7 amp. Apparently Clark United is no longer in business and I can not find any replacement motors with the 1.7 amps! Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Insulation
    How to make my own interior ceiling attic fan cover?
  3. Building & Construction
    My old attic fan make a lot of noise in windy day. I think about add automatic shutter between fan and existing attic vent. One reason, I live in community and can not alter the look of house. Other reason the existing vent is smaller than the automatic shutter I can find. I am thinking build a...
  4. HVAC
    I just recently started to become concern about energy efficiency, and in the process have been doing a lot of small things to make my home more energy efficient. However the big thing is my Heating and A/C unit, it is about 24-26 years old. During the summer it runs all the time, and I thought...
  5. Electrical
    Looking to install a 1600CFM gable mount attic fan with prewired thermostat. Specs are confusing because one sticker on the fan says 120V 60Hz 4.0A but then another sticker on the motor itself says 120V 60Hz 3.2A. Either way, how do I determine if it's OK to simply splice into the receptacle...
  6. HVAC
    Can I use my existing digital thermostat control for the attic fan? I currently have the furnace connected to it by no AC unit. I'm assuming it communicates via low voltage and I would need a relay of sorts on the other end, but it sure seems better than mounting another thermostat on the wall.
  7. HVAC
    Hello, I just installed a new attic fan in my attic. I have ridge vents but no soffits. The attic fan is attached to a window on the side of the attic. What is a good thermostat setting? The attic is insulated with roll bats in the floor joists. I live in charleston sc a very hot summer...
  8. Insulation
    Hi folks, I got 3 bids for attic insulation on Tuesday. I live in the Chicago area so the R Value is a no-brainer, at least R49. Currently, the attic insulation is only 3 inches high and I have 7 roof vents and no soffit vents. The 1300 sf home was built in 1959. I decided to go with blown-in...
  9. Electrical
    Hi folks, I have a little problem in the attic at the moment. I have both a house fan and an attic fan. The house fan is a two speed (like 36") belt driven fan with an on/off and High/low switch (All with three wires) and the Attic Fan is thermostatically controlled and it has a regular...
  10. Electrical
    I just replaced the motors (3.1 amp, 120 volt) in two attic fans. Both are hooked up to thermostats and worked beautifully for the first week. Now, both are still working but one is making a pinging/rattling sound after about 7 days use. I assumed the fan was loose on the shaft or that the fan...
1-10 of 10 Results