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  1. General Asphalt Repair Question

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I've seen specific questions. This one is more general. Our Asphalt drive was gatoring when we bought it 13 years ago and has been declining since. It's approximately 750 sqft. There are a couple spots where the drive has dropped (like on both side of the culvert that passes under the drive)...
  2. Low voltage lighting under driveway?

    I need to get my asphalt driveway repaved and new brick wall and lighted brick columns due to a drunk driver. The lights on the top of the brick columns were underperforming solar lights. I'd like to upgrade to low voltage lights but also maybe have a 110 outlet in one of the columns for...
  3. When is it time to replace my roof?

    How do I know it is time to replace my roof? Depending on the type of roof you currently have, there are various signs you are in need of a roof replacement. Some tell-tale signs include: It has missing or broken shingles The shingles are bare, curling, or buckling The roof is very old or...
  4. Seal Coating AFTER Cold Patch Repair?

    Building & Construction
    Hello everyone, I am currently doing a 'live in' flip where I'm almost done and ready to put it on the market. One of the last projects I have is my driveway. The garage concrete slab is about 2-3 inches higher than the settling asphalt apron. My plan is to diamond cut out about 2 ft back...
  5. Paving Question

    General DIY Discussions
    How much would you say is fair to dig a trench in a driveway, laying 2 inch conduit or pipe and refilling with asphalt? Dimensions would be about 1 foot wide, 20 feet long and 1 foot deep.
  6. Metal roof over existing asphalt shingles?

    It's time to re-roof, and we're considering both metal shingles and asphalt shingles. We'd prefer metal, but they are more expensive. The first quote was from a company that does nothing but metal roofing. They regularly install metal shingles over the existing asphalt shingles, with a layer of...
  7. Old driveway update/resurface options ?

    Building & Construction
    I have a rent house where the driveway needs major repairs. What are my options on the cheap? just a FYI. There is a ditch towards the beginning of the driveway. I have a family member staying there for at cost/nothing so this can take as much time as needed for DIY. dig up old asphalt and...
  8. Help! Stain EVERYWHERE and turpentine on asphalt!

    our strata needs help. we had contractors come in to stain all our new fences. horrible sloppy work the stain is on our vinyl siding, patios, asphalt, paving stones etc. all their efforts so far to clean up the mess have resulted in more damage. 1. suggestions on how to remove from siding and...
  9. DIY Roof Replacement

    Hello Friends, I'm about to tackle the project of replacing my wood shake roof with asphalt shingles. My roof is about 3k sq ft, 5/12 pitch. It isn't very complex: L-shaped ranch with two valleys and 4-5 vent pipes + chimney. The house was built in the early 60s and has venting at the ends...
  10. new asphalt installation texture concerns (pics)

    General DIY Discussions
    Hello everyone, I had 2400sqft of asphalt installed this morning over my previous nasty gravel drive. It's a beautiful contrast but upon closer inspection I have some concerns. Since I've never dealt with asphalt before, I could use a few second opinions. There are patches of very smooth...
  11. Hot tar

    Does anyone know where I can purchase hot tar blocks?
  12. Therma Sheet Re-Roofing Upgrade

    Hi Folks, My roofing contractor suggested a reasonably priced upgrade to my re-roofing project (composite shingle) - installing Therma Sheet under the roof deck - see here: I seems like most installations that use these are slate...
  13. Asphalt Driveway

    Building & Construction
    We are looking to get our asphalt driveway resealed and we have called in 2 contractors who have given us very different stories. Background: The driveway is between 6-9months old we think (just bought the house). It looks like it has a limestone base and then large stone aggregate top that...
  14. Bubbles after a rain on new driveway

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hi there. I just got a topcoat of asphalt on my old driveway. I was told that after a day I could drive on it, but after 3 days, got wicked scuff marks when turning around. I read some other posts about this. I decided to give the driveway a couple of extra days in the rain to harden. I'm in New...
  15. Asphalt patch/fill/seal with concrete involved

    Building & Construction
    Question pertains to repairing open areas and cracks (and then applying sealant) on an asphalt driveway lined along some areas by concrete. In addition to cracks, there are “chunks” that have come off the driveway along a section that was dug out a year ago (thereby disturbing the soil that...