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  1. Honeywell Smart Valve problem?

    I have been experiencing an intermittent problem with my Armstrong Air gas furnace. It started about one month ago when I awoke to a cold house. The Honeywell Smart Valve LED indicated soft lockout for recycle count exceeding five attempts limit circuit opened during run. I turned the unit...
  2. Armstrong Alterna

    I am about to embark on rather large floor project [600 sq ft] using Armstrong Alterna groutable floor tile. I am removing a non glued sheet flooring that was installed over 1 quarter in. luan plywood. My question, is this a suitable underlayment for this product? Also any help or tips would be...
  3. Armstrong ULTRA 5 TECH 80, Model No. 45647-001 BTUs?

    Hi All! I have a 2,300 sq. ft. two story home with an Armstrong Air ULTRA 5 TECH 80, (Model No. 45647-001) furnace heating it. My wife and I think this furnace was in our house before the previous occupants added a large addition and that it under-powered to handle the size of the home. I...
  4. Armstrong package air conditioner furnace issue

    I have a Armstrong package unit that is having some furnace issues. The unit appears to be shutting down after about 20-30 minutes of operation. The precombustion blower comes on, and the burners light, but after a short while, the burners go out and the system cycles again. The furnace will run...
  5. Armstrong furnace won't fire

    Armstrong G1N80BU100D14B-3A s/n 1607F04191 The unit started working intermittently over the last week and finally refused to fire yesterday. The LED inidicator on the control board blinks 7 times indicating lockout due to no ignition. The limit switches are all closed. The induced draft...
  6. Burners Light When Box Is Open

    I've been having some problems with my furnace. I have an Armstrong Air SX90 with a Honeywell Smart Valve. When the furnace kicks on, the blower starts. After about 30 seconds the ignitor or the pressure valve clicks and the pilot lights. However, the pilot only stays on for a minute or less...
  7. Armstrong Grand Illusions Laminate Flooring

    We have recently installed Armstrong's Grand Illusions Laminate flooring. Is anyone else experiencing movement and squeaking with this product?