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  1. Extent of Damage from Arc?

    Location: Indiana, USA. Hi, thanks in advance for your assistance. I caused an arc (line-to-ground) with my voltmeter lead. The light switch was grounded and the hot line was secured to the light switch. The lead contacted both the hot line screw of the light switch and the metal side of the...
  2. connecting hd tv to av receiver using arc and hdmi cable

    Hi i have an LG LM6700 55 inch smart tv and bought a pioneer htp 071 home theater av receiver. i watch movies in the tv via a hdd in the usb drive of the tv. i am trying to connect and receive the tv audio through the av receiver via a high speed hdmi cable. this cable is connected to the arc...
  3. Short circuit?

    While in the attic performing some repairs, I reached to hang my droplight from an attic fan frame, near the attic fan motor. The droplight shield is metal, and when it came in contact with motor pully, I was surprised by a significant arc between the light and the motor pulley. Made a nice...