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  1. Attach wooden arbor to brick floor with no holes

    Building & Construction
    Hey All! Excited to join the community, this is my first post. I'm JP, hail from California, and when it's not burning I do some building projects. This question is about one that I don't know how to finish. As you (hopefully) can see in the pictures, I have installed a cedar arbor on our...
  2. Post to beam connection

    Building & Construction
    I'm in the process of building a grape arbor and due to poor planning on my part I'm faced with an issue attaching some support beams to my posts. I have 4x4 posts with 2x8s sandwiching them as my support. The arbor is particularly long (60') as it is replacing an existing grape fence trellis...
  3. Aluminum beam span for arbor

    Building & Construction
    We are building a new patio and covering it with an aluminum arbor. The arbor will cover the patio in 2 sections: -- A-frame section 20' long by 14' wide -- Flat section 20' long by 38' wide, with a caveat: there is a Sago palm in the corner of the area that we don’t want to cover, about...
  4. Updating swing arbor

    I have a wooden swing in my backyard hanging from an arbor. I recently power washed it (which made it look much better), but the small wooden pieces on top had mostly rotted and were falling off. I would like to make new ones, but I have no knowledge of carpentry. What sort of lumber should I...