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  1. A new stunning idea seating/aquarium

    Click on the link and give us your idea on how to improve or proceed for making the projevt better. And thank you for your feedback in advance.
  2. Electrical
    hello to all,,I need help with a lighting project, here is what I am trying to do.I have these small thin oval style led flashlights, each one takes 3 triple aaa batteries I want to link 6 of them together in a series,and be able to plug them in and run them off a timer. Buying batteries and...
  3. Plumbing
    Hi folks, I have a noob question, but I am in the process of building an aquarium over-flow and was wondering if I can glue the ABS pipes using "silicon I" instead of the ABS bonding glue. when i was at home depot the guy who helped with the ABS pipes showed me the glue for the ABS, but after I...
  4. Project Showcase
    I like to take on a few projects like this every once in a while. Inspired to post by the other aquarium stand thread :thumbup: A friend of mine (one of those fishy-types) was getting himself a new big salt-water aquarium set up and needed a stand. Brought some of my tools over to his garage...
  5. Carpentry
    I have an old house with a second floor with 3x3x14 rough cut redwood as the floor joists. I attached to them 4x4x14 redwood and put on top tongue and grove sturdy floor 3/4 inch. So combined, I have basically a 7x7x14 floor joist. My son wants to put a 90 gallon fish tank in his upstairs...
  6. General DIY Discussions
    Welcome, You probably would get better responses if you post this in the carpentry section. You may want to incorporate an angle iron into the design to help resist the flex.
1-6 of 6 Results