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  1. Can’t find Mr. Ant

    Pest Control
    I assume I have carpenter ants in a basement wall, from the frass and insect parts accumulated on a concrete sill. The concrete portion is partly below grade, and gets damp on the inside at various times of the year. There is also a copper water pipe that partially runs atop the sill. I opened...
  2. Mystery Critter(s)

    Pest Control
    I had the exterior of my house repainted the first week of July. The painters also replaced all the trim with treated boards except for one section under my carport. Some two weeks later I went outside and discovered damage to one of the boards that was not replaced (1st picture). After...
  3. Space Between Patio Door and Tile Grout - Ants

    We're having an ant issue that has to do with our flooring. They are coming in through a crack between the patio door and where the tile grout ends (see photo). Should we fill this floor crack with something - or could that ruin the tile if it gets too cold and expands? I don't want to ruin...
  4. How to find the ant trails

    Pest Control
    I know I have some carpenter ant colonies in my walls since this warm weather brought out the winged ants from two places (jointed body so they aren't termites). They were coming out from under the baseboard so I am sure they are in the wall. I sprayed Ortho Home Defense inside of the house...
  5. Carpenter ants

    Pest Control
    (first post woo!) Previously with warm weather I found a few of the queens out looking to form a new nest just outside of the window sill, where the ants had made a colony. Over the last ~4 weeks, I have been actively managing this colony found in window sill with boric acid. Up until today, I...
  6. Excellent ant repellant!

    Pest Control
    I found an excellent ant repellent! I had small black ants coming in through a kitchen window and I tried everything to get rid of them. I read online that Lemon Pledge (the dusting spray!) will deter them and they will not come back! I sprayed it all around my window, windowsill, etc. and they...