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  1. american standard air tub

    Hello, I installed an american standard massage tub. It's 32 x 60 with a removable front apron. It has an automatic dryer that comes on after you drain the tub to dry out the lines to help reduce bacteria, which seemed like a nice feature to have. The problem; It comes on by itself...
  2. American Standard Freedom 90 not heating

    Hi All, The furnace in my house is not heating the house and is blowing cold air. This is causing trouble for my family in this cold weather. After doing some research, I found that the the red LED blinks continuously 4 times with a pause in between and this maps to the error code "Open...
  3. Corner Jet-Tub On/Off Button Not Preforming

    General DIY Discussions
    I have a corner jet tub that I haven't been able to use because the on/off button no longer works. The clear tube from the button to (maybe the motor?) has unattached. The jets work just fine- if you blow or force pressure into the clear tube the jets will start up. It's not as simple as a fix...
  4. American Standard Air Handler Install

    Hello All, few days ago we replaced our entire Central AC unit. New Heat Pump and Air Handler. Older unit was over 12 years old and finally had Freon leak in the evaporator coil. We went with Silver 14 Heat Pump (2.5 Ton) with matching Temp4 Air Handler. Most folks told us key to long lasting...
  5. Trane XL13i compressor failed (11 yrs old)

    One vendor wants to replace the condenser unit with an "American Standard" ... claiming that they are as good as Trane becuase they are manufactured by same company. (I'm in San Antonio, TX) Your thoughts?
  6. American Standard Leaking Air Handler

    I recently had an American Standard TAM Air Handler installed. One edge of the front panel on my air handler leaks a noticeable amount of air. The installer tells me that this is normal. That does not seem correct. We paid to have all duct leaks sealed and now the air handler leaks. Is this a...
  7. Wiring American Standard Comfort R to Carrier two stage AC?

    Hey all, Recently had a new Carrier Performance two stage AC unit put in to replace an old Payne (made it 26 years!). It's connected to an American Standard Comfort R (two stage) furnace, with a Honeywell HZ322 zone controller in front of it all connected to Vision Pro t-stats. The installers...
  8. Squeaky Blower

    The blower on my American Standard furnace started to squeak. I does it for 1-2 minutes every 30 or so minutes. I tried to open it up and pull the motor to clean it and maybe oil it but I can't seem to find an easy way to open any panel. Does anyone has any idea on how to do it without taking...
  9. Help identifying replacement for leaking sprayer head

    I have a sprayer and it has been dripping for quite a while. Recently the drip has become a real problem and when I'm using the sink the sprayer will drip out the back tab. The sprayer has the logo "AM" under the tab which I assume is American Standard. Here's a picture of the logo: I have...
  10. American Standard Freedom 80 LED Light Blinks 4 Times

    Hi, My furnace was coming on and then the burners were turning off after 5 minutes and the LED was blinking 4 times. I found the codes and wiring inside the panel and it says that it is the "high limit device". I changed the device in this picture and now here is what happens. When I have my...
  11. American Standard Freedom 80 not lighting

    I have an American Standard Freedom 80 that is about 10 years old. At the end of winter last year it stopped heating the air but kept circulating it, pushing cold air through the vents. Now that it is starting to get cold again, I climbed up into the attic to check on it and found that the hot...
  12. Leaky American Standard bathtub faucet

    Hi all First time poster here with an old AS tub that goes *drip drip drip*. It's a single handle pull out type. I managed to take the handle and the bolt that align the shaft out but not sure how to go from there to replace a rubber seal or cartridge. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  13. Question re: Heat Pump tsat wiring

    I'm replacing an American Standard (ASYSTAT 570) tstat with a Hunter 44860 and the wiring codes are different. I have an American Standard 2-stage heat (heat pump), single stage cool electric unit. Old wiring: American Standard: Green Wire - G Blue Wire - B Red Wire - R Yellow Wire - Y White...
  14. american standard freedom 80 a/c issues

    Hi i have 2 of these furnaces working together. When the a/c is on only one will turn on and cycle cool air. The fan on the other won't energize. Just wondering if I have the thermostat wires in the right location? any ideas?
  15. american standard freedom 90

    Hello, I have an American Standard Freedom 90 (model # AUX080C942C3). It's giving me the 4 blink open high limit device warning. After exhaustive research, including contacting American Standard (no help), I am still out in the cold. From what I understand there may be a manual reset button...
  16. Godman, Lennox, or American Standard

    Hello I'm building a new house and will be having two furnaces and to air conditioners installed. One for first floor and one for second floor. One HVAC contractor quoted me all American Standard he said that is all he sells and that it is the best, and he will not sell or install anything...
  17. American Standard Problem

    I have one of the high-end American Standard toilets. The Champion ABFS flush valve that came with it was a pain in the butt to flush. Hard for the kids to make it work and had so much suction that it scared the bejeebers out of older folks. A friend who works at a plumbing supply place gave...
  18. Are Trane heat pumps and Am Std exactly the same?

    I've been told that some Trane dealers are now switching to American Standard heat pumps due to continuing price increases that are making Trane not price competitive in certain areas. They are also being told and therefore telling new customers that American Std heat pumps are exactly the same...