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  1. Home Decorations Laminate Flooring aligning wrong?

    We are installing Home Decorations laminate flooring in our basement. The flooring has been in the basement for the last couple months so it has acclimated. We have a room 13' by 22' roughly and we are running the planks the length of the room. The planks are 8" wide and we are currently 64"...
  2. 2008 lexus rx350 pull to the right-WHAT PART?

    Automotive Repairs
    OK, i got a 2008 lexus rx350 that pulls to the right all of a sudden, no impact so im thinking part went through trouble shooting it and tires,cv shafts, ball joints, struts, control arms, excess grease or oil anywhere etc. all good. and it cant be alignment because it just went from normal to...
  3. Misaligned drawers

    Hi there, I'm having issues with a set of dresser drawers rubbing against each other. They're aligned properly vertically, but the ones beside each other all rub together (see pictures attached). When I take them out, I see that I'm able to adjust the rails up and down to fix the vertical...
  4. laying 12x24" floor tile starting in a doorway

    I know it's not the conventional way to lay tile by starting in a doorway but I am laying vinyl peel and stick, groutable flooring in my bathroom. When laying it out, it turns out the wall with the least amount of visible tile would only have about a 2 inch wide section if I started from the...
  5. Align screws for ceiling fixture - how?

    Hello all. I'm a 63 yr-old homeowner looking for advice. Though I use an electrician for major jobs, I am competent with electricity (I used to repair electronic equipment), and I try to do simple jobs myself. I am now trying one task that always drives me crazy: installing a surface-mount...