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  1. Insulation
    My home's insulation is totally inadequate. It has some sort of blown in cellulose fiber insulation. When I moved some of the laid in place pieces of plywood looking for a wiring fault, which I found by the way, I saw that the grey white fibers are now compacted down to 2 inches at most. Is it...
  2. Insulation
    Hi, if we install 9 Tenmat Recessed Light Cover and air seal them how much would the attic light covers cut thermal losses of a ceiling? the home was built back in the 1970s we have fiberglass is blown in insulation but only about 7" to 9" depth, Thanks
  3. HVAC
    Greetings all, New to the DIY chatroom but not to DIY itself. My latest project I am working on is to remove the hard duct lines 6" round and replace them with insulated 6" round runs. I have one installed so far and works fine. I wanted to know if there is a specific distance from the main...
  4. Building & Construction
    I recently bought a house that is about 100 years old. While I was insulating the crawl space, those above, in the house, could see my work lights shining through ****** in the floor. There is no sub-flooring under the finished pine planking! This winter lots of cool air from the crawl space is...
  5. HVAC
    I am in Seattle and we clearly need more insulation in our attic. We currently have 60-yr old loose fill that's about 3 inches thick. I've been given some advice about plugging air leaks before adding insulation. Reason given is that it's important to stop the warm, moist air that's in our...
1-5 of 5 Results