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air flow

  1. Help with complicated air flow problem

    Hi everyone I need help with a complex air flow/temp imbalance, that so far no one can fix. I'm not sure if I need HVAC or an engineer; but I need a genius. I have an up/down duplex (900 sq ft each apt) with a forced air, natural gas furnace, installed in Jan 2010 with a new programmable...
  2. Louvered doors and gas hot water heater

    I am having a gas water heater, electric well pressure tank, and water softener installed in a wardrobe closet at my summer cottage. Is installing sliding doors that have louvered only on the top half good enough for air flow?
  3. AC problem. Not enough supply/return?

    I need a little expert advice with an AC problem I'm having. My house is a 1995 build and was not originally configured for AC. It has a 135k 5 ton Carrier furnace, an adequate number of registers (every window), two large floor returns on the main floor and one small high wall return upstairs...
  4. New Cabinet Over Air Register on Floor

    I'm in the process of remodeling my kitchen and the layout of the cabinets is going to be changed. My issue is that the planned location for one of the new cabinets currently has an air register on the floor, and I'm not sure what the right solution is. (BTW, just for full context, the...
  5. Ventilating attic with two roofs

    Building & Construction
    I purchased a 1920s-era house in 2009 that has some interesting issues I am trying to resolve on a bit of a shoe-string budget. The issue that I am soliciting input regarding is ventilation for the attic. When a significant remodel and addition was executed in 1970, a new hipped-gable roof was...
  6. Various A/C questions - return vents, leaking air in unit, hot upstairs...

    So I'm living in a 2 story house with a basement built in 2001. The house has 2 AC units one for upstairs, then other for downstairs and basement. This is a rather large house and the cooling/heating bills are more than what we'd wish for. The top of the house is the hottest (not by much) as one...
  7. Air return wall grille - slats in which direction?

    :confused1: We just had work done in our living room, and the large (a little over 1'Wx2'H) air return vent grille was removed. I just painted it to match the wall. The air return vent is in an upper corner of the living room wall, at the ceiling. (Our house is around 1970 vintage.) The...
  8. Attic ventilation

    Building & Construction
    I recently opted in for an upgrade on my attic insulation. At an added expense beyond the bid I was given I opted in for the installation of baffles at the edges of the roof to stop the migration of the blown fiberglass onto the soffit and also to insure adequate ventilation of the attic. I have...
  9. Insulating a finished attic properly?

    We have a potential problem in our new attic storage area, and I'd love some advice on how to avoid a problem developing. Roofers? Any solid advice? Our carpenter put in a pull down ladder and a floor in our attic, then (uninsulated) knee walls, and an insulated, vapor barriered ceiling...