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  1. Why is my AC unit sometimes noisy?

    Sometimes, usually it seems after it has not been running for a while, the AC unit makes a vibrating/buzzing noise. I've tried to pinpoint what part of the unit it may be coming from, but can't identify a source. If I turn it off with the thermostat and then start it back after a couple of...
  2. How to clean the inside of a window air conditioner?

    Hi everyone: While I'm doing research on a new furnace, I have no central A/C. For that reason, I pulled out an old air conditioner to use in my window. However, that window A/C unit is filthy inside. I don't think I ever cleaned it after about 8 to 10 years of use. A couple of years ago, a...
  3. Midea heat pump issues

    Midea heat pump with P4, P6 and LED issues My 4 year old Midea heat pump stopped working. I had a HVAC tech in and the diagnosed a failed compressor. The weird thing is the LED on both inside units are discolored. The Midea service desk says they have never seen this before. Any ideas? This LED...
  4. Heat Pump vs Gas Furnace + AC condenser: cost comparison

    Is anyone aware of a spreadsheet or online calculator to be able to compare a heat pump setup vs a conventional gas furnace + AC condenser setup? Ideally, with inputs for local utility rates, average annual hours of usage with average annual temperatures, and ratings for the heat pump and...
  5. Compressors making the power go out?

    Hi there folks, I just moved into an apartment where I'm facing some electrical issues that are quite frankly making me fear for my and my wife's safety. Here's the story so far: We moved into the apartment, and without plugging in any of our own devices, we were seeing the lights dim when the...
  6. HVAC Condenser not working

    I have a Carrier Infinity System. On this, the day temperatures reached 95, my AC stopped working. Here are the symptoms: The thermostat says "Infinity System - System Malfunction Call Technician". The condenser outside is spinning, but slowly, and only after I gave the unit a little nudge. I...
  7. AC Maintenance Tips that may help you with many kinds of AC problems

    Hi! I live in an area where it is truly difficult to find the right AC maintenance. So I tried to work around the AC and see what I could do to improve the situation myself. You won’t believe what I found! Most of the troubles with AC can be solved at home. Actually, regularmaintenance at home...
  8. HVAC Issue?

    Hello DIY Chatroom! I recently installed a NEST thermostat to my Lennex HVAC system. Related or unrelated, I noticed since i installed the thermostat, that my air conditioner (outside) has been humming more and is now making a rattle which can be heard all the way thru the lines in my basement...
  9. 24V doesn't make it from attic Spacepak down to the outside compressor

    Apologies for the longer post but darn, if we're not perplexed over here. We have an older Spacepak unit in the attic and an older "Comfortmaker" compressor outside. The air conditioning unit overall has been working great up until 4 days ago. We noticed that the Spacepak was running but the...
  10. Is this affecting the cooling

    First off, I really hope this is some insulation and not what it kind of looks like. How much if any is it affecting the cooling when the ac is on?
  11. Redirect Air

    Hello, Forgive me for my layman's terms. When my a/c unit is on the air blows straight out towards nothing. I have to stand in the pathway of the air to cool down or have my thermostat on 60 to cool down the whole room. Is there an affordable fix to redirect the air towards the couch vs. the...
  12. AC Unit Ice + Evap Coil Ice = low r22 and mold?

    Air conditioner unit ices up. Ice builds up in the unit itself. By that, I mean when you look beyond the fan blade you see pipes covered in ice. Pipe(s) from wall to ac covered in ice. In the house, there is ice build up on a pipe that goes into the evap coil box. I would assume the evap coils...
  13. Wires melted down in Furnace

    Hi all, Today my air conditioner stopped running in the middle of the day - we have an HVAC unit outside, central air, and an electric furnace. All controlled by the thermostat on the wall. Thermostat was blank, nothing on the screen, and unresponsive. I opened it up, but no batteries, just...
  14. A/C Not responding to anything after installing new thermostat

    Hey everyone, So I bought a new house that had an old mercury thermostat in it, knowing those things are way out of date, I decided to take it upon myself to upgrade to a digital one. I went out and bought a cheap little Honeywell RTH2300/RTH221 series thermostat. I took the old therm off, and...
  15. DIY Server Enclosure Cooling

    Hello, I am planning to build a server enclosure to install in my garage, the inside would be 30"x30"x30" (WxDxH). The garage is usually quite humid and can get pretty hot when I park the car. I'm considering a window AC. Installing it on the inside of the enclosure to keep it cool and dry but...
  16. Burnt Condersor Fan Brushings

    Hey guys, long time no see! I believe I have posted our old boiler system on here, I can't remember for sure. But, here is a post for our antiquated A/C system for the first floor. So, our A/C was running fine until it just stopped. My grandpa told me that the lights flickered, and the system...
  17. How to fix a air conditioner condenser

    How To Guides
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I wanted to make my fist post on something that could be useful. I am not a expert in air conditioners but I think I have some information about condensers that could be beneficial to someone. Most of the time when the condenser isn't working, it could be due to a...
  18. How much does a central air conditioning system cost?

    Off Topic
    Hi, this is my first post on this forum. :) I joined this forum because I was looking to get advice on central air conditioners. Right now, I have a window air conditioner and plan to upgrade. How much should I pay for a good central air conditioner?
  19. Window Air Conditioner compressor stuck on.

    I have an Admiral (Kelon) 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner. AAW-12CR1FHU. The AC works, but when I turn it off, something stays on. I assume its the compressor that is stuck on. I had to resort to tripping the circut breaker on the power cable to stop what ever was running (I know its not a...
  20. AC compressor fan running backwards

    I have a Trane XB1000 AC. I noticed the fan was turning in the wrong direction and pulling air in from the top. I changed the capacitor but it still runs backwards. Any idea what to do besides change the motor? I know it was running correctly just a couple of weeks ago and no changes have...