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  1. Craftsman 150 PSI Air Compressor Regulator

    General DIY Discussions
    I have a Craftsman 150 PSI Compressor (Model: 919.167310). I just purchased a new Air Regulator to replace the original one that I thought had gone bad since it would drain the main tank pressure to whatever I set the Regulator pressure to. However, when I replaced the old reg with the new reg...
  2. Pond Aerator Compressor Wire Size

    I'm installing a 1/2 HP aerator for a pond on my property. The aerator/compressor will be located 300ft from the main service electric panel. Specs are 230v, 3.1 amps, 586 watts, single phase. I do not know what the startup surge amps are. I'm seeing wire sizes on calculators for this...
  3. Rotary Air Compressor keeps blowing start capacitors

    Alright I work as a field service technician on all kinds of air compressors. I have had ongoing issues with a unit that blew it's start caps 3 months into service. My predecessor thinking it was the centrifugal switch on the motor installed a brand new electric motor. To his credit this...
  4. Tow behind air compressor?

    Does anyone use a tow behind air compressor for their shop air? Gas or diesel? Rotary screw or other types? I would like to use one for my shop air. What problems would I encounter by using one other than extra cost of fuel? I am looking at an older one that is a gas model and I think it is...
  5. Help with vintage air compressor I was given

    Hi all, The house next door is being sold and the children gave me some of their Dad's old tools - one being a vintage Kellogg American air compressor. I don't know much about air compressors and even less about vintage ones. I'm not sure what year is was made or even what model (there are two...
  6. Air Compressor Help..

    Hi, I've got a Campbell Hausfeld HG3000 Air-Compressor and right now it Won't Cycle back on after using all the air in it. What would be causing this? I've replaced the Pressure Switch last year and that worked but now idk. I don't hear any leaks anywhere.
  7. Wiring an Air Compressor to a Generator

    Ok - I have an old but good air compressor that I want to wire up to plug into a newer generator. We're talking 240v here. So the 2HP electric motor on the compressor only has 2 wires coming out of it (what the %*&^?) They connect to the relay that shuts the motor off when the compressor has...
  8. problem with a old campbell Hausfeld air compressor

    I bought this 20 gal 2hp used and it was working great. I tried to run it with a gasoline generator (the guy I bought it from said he used it on the job like that) and it barely ran for a minute and then there was a loud POP and a bunch of smoke came out from the motor. I plugged it back into...
  9. Air compressor with Nail gun

    Building & Construction
    My cousin already has a 4 gallon air compressor that runs 2.8 SCFM at 90 psi. Will that be ok to use with;
  10. Remote switch for air compressor

    I have a 240V air compressor with a motor starter. I am moving it out of my shop to a add-on room on the back side of the building. At present it is located close to the door and I turn it off and on with a two pole disconnect switch mounted on the compressor. Once it is moved, I don't want to...
  11. older model campbell hausfeld air compressor value ???

    General DIY Discussions
    after my grandpa died i was given one of his air compressors, a campbell hausfeld model VT559501 230V. Took it into a shop and had the gasket replaced and was told this is one of the oldies but goodies, it runs great but i cant use it and i need to know the value of it so i can put it up for...
  12. Remote Supply Valve

    General DIY Discussions
    I've finally worked all the kinks out of air compressor rebuild. I have my compressor as for from my general work area as possible mainly because I don't want to listen to it run, with pvc air line ran everywhere for convenience. Is there a control valve that I can install at tank an control...
  13. Air Compressor Capacitor Question

    Bought a refurb air compressor. 60 gallon, 220volt. The generous 30 day warranty had expired prior to getting a chance to connect it. Wouldn't run. Discovered one of the capacitors was missing. Took the existing capacitor and went to Dayton and bought a matching unit. Compressor starts...
  14. fridge compressor

    I want to convert a refrigerator compressor in to a semi power full air compressor is it possible? Also are there any safty precautions i should take during this project. If you have answers on how please respond.
  15. The Best DIY-friendly Air Compressor

    Building & Construction
    Looking for the best air compressor for light-duty, DIY-friendly use. Probably going to use it max once or twice a week. Fill tires, maybe run a nail gun or stapler. Might also use it to blow out auto parts or electric woodworking tools. Price isn't necessarily an option, but I don't really...
  16. air compressor & sawdust

    Is it harmful to keep an air compressor in the area of tools that create sawdust?