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  1. Using an adapter on a 50a outlet?

    Hello! I have a question about using an adapter on a 50a electrical outlet. I have included links to images and also attached them... I hope. Thanks to all who are able to respond. I just bought a Skutt ceramic kiln on craigslist and the plug for the kiln looks like this: I believe this is...
  2. 110V air purifier with adapter 100-240V

    I purchased an air purifier printed 110V. It comes with a power adapter of 100-240V. Can I use the air purifier with a power supply of 220-240V? Is the adapter also a converter or transformer? I’m really confused.
  3. How to attach trunk duct adapter

    I have a section of 8 x 20 rectangular duct, and I want to adapt it to connect to an 8 x 24 section. I have this adapter, and it says it is "pre-assembled with boot clips for easy snap-in installation". I don't see anything that this would snap into. The only options I see involve cutting out a...
  4. Can't find this parts for Shower Valve Plastic Adapter

    General DIY Discussions
    The shower knob stop working, and I removed the knob and found the plastic adapter (IMG_2785.jpg) was broken. I am trying to locate this parts and buy or repair. Can someone point me to the right direction? Name of this parts, or any suggestion? I think this is Ikea shower knob (not sure)...
  5. drainage for a water softener

    Guys, I'm planning on installing a whole house water softener. I have a spot in my garage with good access to the incoming water pipe which makes for a good install location, but there's no drain there. The otherside of the wall immediately next to the install location has a drain (a bathroom...
  6. What type of adapter do I need?

    Building & Construction
    Hi! I need to connect a 1/2" and a 3/8" bolt together. I need some sort of 1/2" female to 3/8" female adapter that has the correct threading for the bolts. Does anyone know of an adapter that would work? Thanks!
  7. Prize: A pizza. Problem: Faucet dishwasher adapter size--with picture.

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on the forum, and I have a relatively lightweight plumbing question. I need a screw-on aerator/dishwasher adapter for my kitchen faucet. A solution to my problem would mean someone telling me the nominal size of the aerator/adapter and providing a link to a...
  8. Outlet Adapter

    I have a normal 3 prong outlet and wondering if it's safe to plug a non-polarized adapter in to it? Thank you.
  9. Supply Line compression adapter

    Hi Everyone: I live in the US but have a European sink - I think it is a Kohler - and our supply line broke. We found a replacement but the female end is 3/8 when it should be 5/16. I haven't been able to find a suitable supply line to fit the 5/16 female requirement. What kind of compression...
  10. Ceiling fan downrod adapter

    :eek::eek:I'm replacing a failed Hunter ceiling fan with another fan that was given to me. The Hunter had a 3/4" down rod with a threaded end which went into a threaded female fitting on the fan. My new fan has a 1/2" threaded male stud coming out of the top of the fan. Unfortunately, the new...
  11. 20a to 15a adapter for treadmill?

    I bought a commercial treadmill that requires a 20a outlet because of the right angle prongs. I only have a 15a breaker. I can't tell what guage the wire is. So I don't know if I should replace the breaker with a 20a one and replace the outlet. or there is an adapter that converts it for...
  12. Strange 240v outlet

    I have a 240v outlet in my apartment that appears to have an ancient outdated prong arrangement. It currently has a very old electric stove plugged into it but I intend to use it for something else in the near future. I would link a picture of the outlet prong arrangement, but I couldn't find...