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  1. HVAC
    Ultimately I'm just wondering why the actuator pictured below seems to randomly get stuck in closed position for days and weeks? Does anyone know the make or model of this by the picture? There's literally no other indication on any side as to what product it is. My other zone is a honeywell...
  2. Appliances
    My old harness is brown and has 7 wires, new one is black and has 6. Clips don't match. Can I combine two of the wires to get it to work?
  3. General DIY Discussions
    So here is my current problem... I want to mount this actuator onto my solar panel mount to turn it into a solar tracker. I need the tracker to be able to turn from this position to this position. It looks like that is about a 150 degree turn. I know how to easily mount it so that it can...
  4. Building & Construction
    I am looking for two things here: One: Some sort of fence post bracket that can hold an actuator. If you don't know what an actuator it, it looks like this; I have something closer to the...
  5. Building & Construction
    Need help on a system for opening a basement door that is apart of my floor in one of the rooms. It opens up with a tug on a handle but was wondering about some sort of strut or actuator system that can be operated from inside the basement and outside the basement as well (Tornado's prevalent in...
1-5 of 5 Results