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  1. Actuator Mounting - Linear Actuator For Horizontal Axis

    General DIY Discussions
    So here is my current problem... I want to mount this actuator onto my solar panel mount to turn it into a solar tracker. I need the tracker to be able to turn from this position to this position. It looks like that is about a 150 degree turn. I know how to easily mount it so that it can...
  2. Need help finding the right bracket!

    Building & Construction
    I am looking for two things here: One: Some sort of fence post bracket that can hold an actuator. If you don't know what an actuator it, it looks like this; I have something closer to the...
  3. Basement door lift install

    Building & Construction
    Need help on a system for opening a basement door that is apart of my floor in one of the rooms. It opens up with a tug on a handle but was wondering about some sort of strut or actuator system that can be operated from inside the basement and outside the basement as well (Tornado's prevalent in...