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  1. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I'm planning on staining the concrete in my unfinished basement. As a first step I used H&C Concrete Etching Solution (phosphoric acid-based). Since the concrete was smooth, I didn't dilute it per instructions. I unfortunately wasn't clear enough on the clean up process, as I think the...
  2. Flooring
    So here goes... Remodeling basement. I have ripped out old nasty drywall from the celing. Used 10 gallons and a power sprayer to paint the celing joists and walls. Thought I was done. Notsomuch...wife wants to rip out carpet:censored:. Ok Ok so I goes to rip it out now people, and low and behold...
  3. General DIY Discussions
    I've recently moved into a home that needs work and I'm taking on some projects of my own and hiring people to help me with some of the work. Some of the workers are day laborers, some are skilled technicians, and others are handymen or men with specialized services, etc. I'm a mature single...
1-3 of 3 Results